Chris Miller, owner Black Cat design build

Chris Miller - Black Cat design build

There aren't very many people in this marketplace who are certified professional interior designers (NCIDQ #13849) AND have extensive in-depth construction expertise. I do. I love designing things, and I love getting them built. Occasionally, that means hands on, but more often it means working directly with the talented craftsmen who perfect their trades everyday.

My experience has been primarily focused on home remodeling and additions for the last 15+ years. Prior to that, I have another decade of experience as a cabinet designer. I have designed literally hundreds of kitchens and hundreds more bathrooms.

Quite possibly one of my best strengths is the level of trust I have been able to develop with my clients.

I am absolutely passionate about helping my clients improve their homes. My focus starts with understanding the needs of the project, then designing a solution that brings all the project requirements together with style and functionality. I coordinate the details, manage the construction and keep a strong line of communication with the client all the way through the entire process.

Design, details, careful craftsmanship and establishing trust with my clients are primary focus. Over the years, this has resulted in multiple awards and many happy clients.

Projects have ranged from Kitchens and Baths to Whole House renovations and Additions. I have worked a wide variety of architectural styles and client preferences (that's the fun part!).

You know the value of trust, quality and service. You have spouses, families, friends and busy lives. You know most of what you want, but just need someone with the expertise to help pull it all together, and then make it happen.

What separates me from others in my field is a combination of the following:

  • I understand design
  • I know how to solve design problems
  • I know home construction, especially remodeling, and I have a lot of experience with it
  • I am detailed
  • I sincerely care about the outcome of my projects and I have the happy clients to prove it

Please, take some time to familiarize yourself with my website, see some of the other projects, watch some of the Blog Videos, read what other people are saying about Black Cat design build, and then give us a call, and let us help you make it happen. That's what I do.


I have been drawing and designing things since I was a little kid. Growing up, most of my attention was focused on cars, but I have always been fascinated with architecture and the design of everything from furniture to landscaping and urban spaces.

In college, I worked at an art gallery, and one of my clients owned a cabinet shop. They invited me to stop by and take a tour. I didn’t think much of it, figuring it was just a cabinet shop, but I decided to go check it out anyway. When I got there, I was blown away. It was far more than ‘just a cabinet shop’, it was Park Place Wood Products, the highest-calibre custom cabinet shop in the Northwest. These guys were making incredible millwork and cabinetry that was beyond anything I had ever conceived of, and they were very passionate about it, too. I was intrigued...and I wanted to be part of it. Although I knew very little about cabinets, I talked myself into getting hired as an entry-level estimator. I learned as much as I could, as fast as I could, and within a very short time, transitioned from entry-level estimator to one of the top designers on staff. As great as my time at Park Place was, I wanted to expand beyond cabinetry.

In 2000, I moved on to Neil Kelly, designing and selling remodeling projects. I completed several really nice projects, and had great experiences with my customers, but being part of a large organization with lots of meetings, managers, bureaucracy and red tape did not feel like the best way to serve homeowners who wanted to renovate their homes. After all, what did all this corporate bulk do for their project, besides raise the cost?

After leaving Neil Kelly, I worked for smaller remodeling companies, continuing to learn new things and develop my own aesthetic as a designer before starting a partnership design/build company in 2013 (Miller Kashas). After three successful years, we concluded that business partnerships are tough and parted ways. This was the beginning of Black Cat design build.

This transition happened during an incredibly busy period for us, with multiple large projects underway. However, due to our planning and making a priority of continuing to deliver a great experience for our clients, it went smoothly and the projects were finished as originally planned - with happy clients!

I have been able to work on a vast spectrum of projects, from small bath and kitchen remodels, to whole-house renovations and large additions. The common principle throughout my career is this; the the focus is always on the client, and how to make it the best possible project for them.